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glasses girl
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Contoh penggunaan simple past dan past continuous tense

It was around 8 p.m.
I was sitting in front of my computer when my daughter suddenly closed my eyes from behind.
  • Me                  : What are you doing, honey?
  • My daughter  : Please stay still, dad!
  • Me                 : But what are you doing?
She didn’t answer my question. She was busy wrapping my head with a shawl.
Everything then looked dark because my eyes were completely covered. So, when she slowly ushered me to the family room, I could barely walk. It took us forever to move from the computer room to the living room.
After having sat on the couch, my daughter unleashed the shawl from my head. The room was dark. The light was intentionally turned off. In the dark,  I   saw  my wife sitting in front of me. She was smiling and looking at me when she lit the candles.
What a surprise. Yup, they were all for my birthday. Frankly, I was deeply touched. It was another memorable moment in my life.  Thanks guys for the attention you showed me. I love you all.

  • stay still = diam, jangan bergerak
  • wrap = membungkus
  • shawl = selendang
  • be covered = tertutup
  • usher = menuntun/memandu
  • can barely = hampir tidak bisa
  • forever = lama sekali (sebuah kiasan hiperbolik).
  • unleashe = melepaskan ikatan
  • be turned off = dimatikan/dipadamkan


Jika aktivitas/kejadian telah dilakukan/terjadi dan berakhir in the past, gunakanlah simple past tense. Sedangkan, jika aktivitas tersebut sedang in action/in progress pada waktu yang sangat spesifik in the past, gunakanlah past continuous tense.

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